Full Game – Re-watch Fire vs Stars on Fire TV

On the evening of Sunday 17th May the full game of one of our favourite home match-ups of last season was premiered live on Facebook.

Taking you back to our first home game of 2020, this was also the first home match-up of the season against the Oxford City Stars on Saturday 11th January.

A 6 goal thriller which saw the Fire skate home to victory with Reed Sayers picking up 3 points on the night and Ben Scanlan saving an impressive 60 shots on goal for a 96.77% save percentage.

A big thank you to Oliver Hampson who recorded commentary from home during lockdown. Be sure to check out the Hampson on Hockey podcast for an interview with Head Coach Mark Cuddihy.

You can now re-watch the full game on our YouTube channel Cardiff Fire TV.

Video: Charlie Skinner | Photos: James Assinder

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